Relax & Rejoice

Browse our organic spa treatments & event packages below. Note: 20% Gratuity Added for Parties

Spa Packages

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Day of Indulgence


Enjoy a 1-hour relaxing Swedish Massage, a 1-hr Yonka Facial, as well as a Spa Manicure & Spa Pedicure. We will also provide lunch and a glass of wine!

Diamond Deluxe


This full day of beauty is the ultimate retreat! It begins with a 1-hour full body massage, sugar glow, and a 1-hour custom Yonka Facial. After, finish your day with a hot gemstone pedicure/manicure and a professional blowout! We will also provide a light lunch as well.

Day of Heaven


A little bit of Heaven at Shimmer. Enjoy a 1-hr relaxing massage, 1-hr facial, Deluxe Spa Manicure and Pedicure. A sugar glow and a style, and to top it all off with a light lunch!

Chocolate Indulgence


Chocolates are proven to reduce stress, release toxins and cellulite from skin to promote a smoother appearance. This package includes a Chocolate Facial. Also includes our wonderful Chocolate Pedicure & Manicure. Also enjoy a Chocolate treatment with a blowout as well as a glass of bubbly.

Island Escape


Let the sweet smell of the islands take you away with our Caribbean Manicure & Pedicure, Facial and Coconut Conditioner treatment with blow-out. Complete with a Fruity beverage.

Couple's Escape

$420 / couple

Couples will enjoy a side-by-side massage and a Caribbean Pedicure and a individual custom Yonka Facial. Includes beverage of choice.

Date Night


Getting ready for night out on the town with that special someone or even a group of friends? This package has everything you need to get ready in style; a wash & blowout, airbrush makeup, Manicure & Pedicure. Add lashes for just $20

Moms & Moms-To-Be


Show you appreciation to Mom and soon to be Mom's by letting them indulge in a few hours of relaxation. While they are here, they will enjoy lunch, a Swedish massage, or prenatal massage, a spa manicure & pedicure, and a shampoo and style.

Makeover Special


Looking for something new? Want to amp your style? This package is perfect for someone who wants a change! With this specially designed package, you will received an in depth consultation, a beautiful custom color, a new designer haircut, and airbrush makeup.

Businessman's Portfolio


A businessman must prepare for many conferences and other events, he must look as professional as possible! This package includes a handsome haircut, a rejuvenating scalp massage, a men's manicure & pedicure, a shaver's facial, and an eyebrow wax.

Simple Man's Day


Every man should treat himself to a Spa Day now and again! A man needs to relax too! This package includes a hot towel masque, a scalp massage, a cut, and a body massage.

Spa Parties

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Package One

$89 / person

Relaxing Spa Manicure & Deluxe Spa Pedicure (2hrs)

Package Two

$159 / person

Deluxe Spa Pedicure & Swedish Massage or unique Yonka Facial (2.5hrs)

Gratuity Policy


Note: 20% Gratuity Added for Parties

Package Three

$189 / person

Massage or facial and a manicure/pedicure (3hrs)

Package Four

$199 / person

A deluxe pedicure, upper body massage and a unique Yonka facial (3hrs)

Package Five

$169 / person

Massage & Facial Combo (2hrs)

Gratuity Policy


Note: 20% Gratuity Added for Parties

Bridal Packages

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The perfect preparation package for the bride-to-be! She will start with a relaxing Swedish Massage, next she will recieve our signature Spa Pedicure and French Shellac Spa Manicure. A lunch will also be provided!

Bridal Makover


To get ready for her big day, a bride needs to be sure her look is as flawless as possible. She will receive an in depth consultation, the perfect airbrush makeup, a radiant custom color, designer cut, and bridal up-do custom fit to clients desire!

Bride-to-Be Day Of Indulgence


Preparing for the big day can be extremely overwhelming, treat yourself to a little time to relax before your big day! This package includes a 1 Hour Swedish Massage, a 1 Hour Yonka Facial, a French Spa Manicure & Pedicure, and a glass of champagne with lunch.

Bride-to-Be Day of Heaven


Before your big day you are looking to be flawless, prep yourself for a little Slice of Heaven! This package includes a 1 Hour Swedish Massage, 1 Hour Yonka Facial, a French Spa Manicure & Pedicure, sugar scrub, and a Style to top your Heavenly Day! Lunch is also included with a glass of champagne.

Bridal Parties

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Brides Maid Hair & Makeup



Brides Maid Hair & Makeup

$150 / person


Brides Maid Hair & Makeup

$175 / person


Bride's Airbrush Makeup & Hair Design

$200 +


Bride's Airbrush Makeup & Hair Design

$250 +


Full Set of Permanent Lashes

$150 - 250


Bridal Trial Airbrush Makeup & Hair Design

$150 +


Kid's Parties

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Glamour Party

$295 for 8 guests

The girls will put on satin leopard spa robes to get ready for their day. The girls will also receive beautiful up-do's, heated scented manicures, and also make-up to complete their glamorus look!

Girl's Day at the Spa

$325 for 8 guests

Their relaxing day starts with putting on leopard spa robes, or polka dot robes with spa headbands. Then the girls will enjoy side by side facials, they will then move onto heated scented manicures and pedicures, which is everything for a memorable spa day!

Princess Party

$295 for 8 guests

This is a royal party for your little princess! When your guest's arrive, they will pick out their favorite princess dress to get ready to receive the royal treatment! The girl's will recieve heated scented manicures, make-up, and elegant up-do's, complete with tiaras & a touch of glitter!

Cover Girl Photo Shoot

$450 for 8 guests

The girls will spend their day getting glammed up for a photo shoot! They will prep for their photo shoot by getting their hair done, manicures, and complete their look with a touch of make-up! Once they are all camera ready, the girls will dress up & pose for glamor shots! (includes photographer & keepsake photos!)

Gratuity Policy


Note: 20% Gratuity Added for Parties

Mommy & Me

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Mommy will enjoy a professional manicure and pedicure, as we both sip on a cup of hot cocoa.



Mommy will enjoy a professional wash and blow dry, while I enjoy a wash and style and we will conclude our visit with make-up application!



Enjoy a Spa-riffic Day with your mom, grandmother, aunt, etc. You both will take pleasure in Spa Manicures, Spa Pedicures, and Yonka Facials!



Mommy and Daughter start by relaxing with a Yonka Facial, while the mom finishes her facial the daughter is whisked away to hair and makeup. Together Mommy and Daughter finish up with Spa Manicures and Spa Pedicures.